General Information

EYYM! This is the abbreviation of European Yo-Yo Meeting.
The EYYM is a very unique meeting. Players can meet and party without the pressure of a contest and also players from all over the world are joining it. The meeting is the core of the community since 2002. The main goal of the European Yo-Yo Meeting is to bring yo-yo players together, learn new tricks, meet old and new friends and just having a good yo-yo time. Before the European Yo-Yo Contests were held and even the World Yo-Yo Contest came to Prague, these ideas where first introduced during the EYYM.

 EYYM 2016 when and where?

The 14. European Yo-Yo Meeting 2016 will be held April 29th – May 1st 2016 in Bratislava. For the first time in Slovakia. It is organized by the SYA – Slovak Yo-Yo Association. The SYA is the Slovak non profit yo-yo organization.

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The best way to find out more about EYYM is to come to Bratislava to experience it live by yourself!

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Price list:

1. Package (basic) – includes accomodation for 2 nights – 3 days + collective dinner, official event t-shirt, barbecue, public transport ticket for 3 days -> 99€

2. Package (no accomodation) – collective dinner, official event t-shirt, barbecue, public transport ticket (excludes accomodation) -> 59€

3. Package (sightseeing) – includes extra 1 day accomodation and sightseeing + everything from basic package (accomodation for 3 nights – 4 days + collective dinner, official event t-shirt, barbecue, public transport ticket for 3 days) -> 119€

4. Special package (for locals) who are interested in attending EYYM (+/or tshirt, collective dinner, barbecue and etc.) -> variable


Sightseeing – 1 extra day

Are you interested in sightseeing in Bratislava? You are more than welcome to come one day earlier, so you can discover some of the beautiful historical and cultural monuments and places. One of our local yoyoers, Matej Gajdoš, will walk you through popular tourist attractions. If you would like to experience Bratislava for 1 extra day, please, go ahead and register selecting the 3. Package (Sightseeing).
If you have any further questions regarding this package, please do not hesitate to email us on



Thursday (28.4.) sightseeing extra 1day

  • Afternoon tour – sightseeing with Gajdy

Friday (29.4.)

  • Arrival to Bratislava
  • Meeting in sad Janka Krála (garden Janka Krala), proceeding towards….. etc.

….. more info on page Schedule

 18+ & 18-

Minors under 18 years are allowed to attend the event and purchase the tshirt, join the collective dinner, or join the barbecue (see 4. package for locals), but are not allowed to join the party. The price for minors and locals is variable. To figure out the specific expenses for each item, please contact us on or add a note to a registration form.