Where will my data, I entered in the registration, will go?

We will use your data only for internal purposes and forward the needed ones to the hostel registration.

How to get to the Hostel

Check out the travel tips section and the map.

How do I get to Bratislava?

check out the travel recommendations section and the map.

Is there a contest at EYYM?

No! The European Yo-Yo Meeting is a meeting without the pressure of a contest. Just come to meet, hang out and party and do not worry about results or judging.

I am under 18. How can I attend EYYM?

If you turned 18 before the EYYM starts on April 29th: Then there is no problem. Book now.
Sorry. EYYM is an 18+ only event. We can not be responsible for the partying of underage persons. Still feel free to just go on your own or your parents responsibility to check out if you meet some yo-yo players in the daytime locations.

I can only make it two days to EYYM. What should I do?

Just get the EYYM Package 2 without the hostel and book an accommodation by yourself.